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The expression is made by hand.

ALFA ZARD is a story of tradition and passion for jewelry. The ALFA ZARD web store exceptionally sells unique handmade jewelry from exclusive materials for both the new generation and the generation of people with traditional views on jewelry.

Working for a long time on the sale of individual and exclusive customer orders, the demand for jewelry has been increasing. At the same time, we were gaining experience in our business and in communicating with clients. In 2019, with the growth rate of our orders, ALFA ZARD decided to enter the international market through online sales. Nevertheless, the concept of our business has remained unchanged, it is high-quality handmade work for each client.


We believe that the reasons for our success are our traditional views on the jewelry art, original design, exclusive materials, a combination of quality stones and exclusively  handmade, and all this inspires us.

The ALFA ZARD online store gives each client the opportunity to purchase an exclusive piece of jewelry. This is priority Number 1 for us.

ALFA ZARD, Be Individual

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